Generation Me

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like we are becoming a society that’s completely “me”-centric.  We’re raised on TV and smartphones.  Not that that’s a problem.  I watched plenty of Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, and G.I. Joe when I was a kid and I turned out…well, let’s not discuss that.  The problem is when we, as a society, can’t accept or handle different opinions.

We’ve become so intolerant that we feel physically unsafe when someone tells us our opinion is different from theirs.  We shut down and shut others out like they’re opinions don’t matter because they’re wrong for being different.  We want so much to be heard that we’ve forgotten how to listen.

When someone stops listening, I think one of two things:

  1. They don’t care about my opinion
  2. They don’t care about their opinion

Maybe only one of those can be right, maybe they just don’t want to argue.  (Or, you just want to argue [when did discussing ideas become arguments?  Why can’t we want to understand a different viewpoint?])

What happened to dialogue?  To conversation?  You can’t tell me texting killed that.  Texting has killed a lot of things, [dating, driving skills, …um, other things that begin with d?], but it’s helped keep conversation alive.

As everyone knows, zombies are real

I’m not out to place blame.  I’m not even out to find solutions.  I’m just here to point it out.  And hope someone stops it.

It really upsets me when someone says I can’t talk about something.  Maybe it’s offensive, maybe it’s just offensive to someone who has a different opinion.  I once wrote an article for the college paper that made fun of every stereotype I could think of.  It was pulled (obviously).  But, that got me thinking.  Where is the line?

Now, it seems there is no line.  There’s a wall.  You’re either on one side or you’re on the other.  We can’t have discussions with anyone not on our side of the wall.  Why?  Someone might get offended or need to find a safe zone {whatever that means (clearly you haven’t had any sensitivity training {I’m sensitive. I cried at the end of Toy Story 3})}.

If we can’t have conversations, how can we form new ideas, explore old ideas, or discard worthless ones?  If you’re afraid of someone challenging disagreeing with your opinions, how can you ever discover what it is you truly believe?

Are we okay with letting someone tell us how to think?  {Well, if your a lib–(don’t even start)}.

We want so much to have our cake and eat it too.  We run to “get ours” but once we have it, we waste it on trivial things, things that don’t matter, and things that only satisfy in the moment.  Then, we look for someone to take care of us.  We want to be coddled.  We want to be free to do what we want.  But, only on our side of the wall.  We want our side of the wall to expand across the other side, but the other side better start thinking how we do; otherwise, they’re the problem.


Me, me, me.  Mine, mine, mine.  Now, now, now.

When we don’t value other people’s opinions, do ours really matter?

Everyone wants to succeed, but not everyone will.  Is it due to lack of effort, disadvantages in circumstance, or the rise of a robot labor force?

Everyone wants a luxury sports car, but some people will crash them.  Is is because they drove too fast, they weren’t trained, or because the car had a defect?

Everyone wants to vote, not everyone can.  Some people are dead.  Some people aren’t registered (I don’t believe in registration, it’s against my moral code.  People have rights and they need to execute them {I got your execution right here (that was a threat! I feel threatened {Good [Maybe a wall is a good thing]})}).

You want to be a snowflake, a unicorn, an alien cyborg that drops polyps every thirteen years…look, maybe just…okay, all I’m saying is, I want to discuss why.  I’m curious.  Maybe you’re from Planet 13.  That’s interesting, tell me more.  Maybe you dropped a polyp.  Maybe don’t tell me, that’s weird…definitely don’t tell the government, they’ll lock you up inside Area 51.

To me, there really is nothing worse than the shutting out of ideas and opinions.  Once we stop listening to others, we become sad lonely little islands.  Wait, that actually sounds pretty nice.  I don’t have to hear people complain and whine?  I can sip piña coladas on the beach and work on my tan?  Sign me up.

(Um, hello?  Is that the end? [Sorry, I’m on vacation until Thursday.  See you then.] Not cool. {I can finish it (nope, er, no thanks.  Actually, I think it’s fine {you sure? (definitely)})})


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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