A Day in the Life of a Juror (Who Didn’t Get Picked)

I suppose I should start off by telling you why I’m posting so late in the day (not that anyone cares).  I spent my day at jury duty.  Not the fun kind you see on Law & Order, the boring kind behind-the-scenes.  I sat all day, waiting for my number to be called, hoping it wouldn’t so I wouldn’t have to sit through a selection process, praying it would get called just for something different to happen, and then I went home after every case had been decided for the day.  All in all, 8:30-2:45 with an hour for lunch.

The worst part?  Walking through security and the large cop pointing at my phone and saying, “Whose is this?”  And proceeding to tell me to return it to my car (camera phones are not allowed…everyone knows that).

My lifeline, my books torn away; my world seemed to crumble.

Until another officer said that if I wasn’t selected yet, I could keep it.  I breathed a sigh of relief and promptly admitted I was still waiting on selection.  Then proceeded to slide my belt back through the pant loops.

All in all, it could have been more boring.  I could’ve forgotten my book at home and had to download one from the library…yeah, that happened.  I could’ve spent the morning reading December and January editions of Entertainment Weekend and reminiscing about things that had yet to happen, but I already saw [the end of Downton Abbey, for example].  I could’ve had some ideas for stories rolling around in my head that would never work: what’s behind all the authorized personnel doors at the courthouse?  (Who cares?)

The best part, though, was the weather.  Driving home in 85 degree heat was actually quite different from last week…of course, it won’t last.  The weekend it’s supposed to be back to our usual spring cool, 60.

I suppose, the only bright side was I got a new book and a change of venue in which to read it.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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