Gary Stu: What’s in a Name?

Can we just take a break from the rampant excitement and hype surrounding Captain America: Civil War for a few minutes?  (No.)  I’m all for it; I mean, I’ve been waiting for an amazing superhero movie since Deadpool.  But, it’s only a few weeks away.  Instead, let’s look at something even farther away.

Star Wars: Rogue One.

Who isn’t excited for a new Star Wars movie every year?  It’s like Lucas Arts is copying Marvel Studios (almost as if they have the same parent company…).  And it’s great!  Finally, I can slate my butt into a seat at the theater and know what to expect.  An epic ride and, hopefully, some cool characters.

Unfortunately, some people are upset at the casting choice character decision in Rogue One and we’ve only seen one trailer.

My only complaint is that my (unpublished) Star Wars fan-fic hasn’t been picked up by Disney for a live-action movie.  I mean, they’ve filled the slate for years in advance and thrown out most of the already created Expanded Universe.  My stuff could totally fill a few niches.  Plus, I know who to cast as the main character: my 15 year-old self.

A suave, debonair, Force-sensitive, ace pilot who avoids the pitfalls of the Dark Side while modifying his trusty starfighter [an A-wing, obviously] and winning the hearts of audiences everywhere.  It’s the perfect adaption of .  Filled with lightsaber combat, dogfights (no actual animals would be harmed in filming those scenes, of course), and the eternal struggle against the forces of evil.  What more could you want?

And, no, he’s not a Gary Stu.  Why would you think that?  Just because I’ve inserted myself into one of my favorite universes?  And made him the best character ever?  Um, hello, he’s the main character.  It’s not like he’s some brat who wanders onto the helm of a Star Destroyer and saves the day with some random comment.  Who wants to read about someone who struggles through life, makes mistakes, and loses?

…Wait, he does defeat a retired Sith Dark Side user with very little formal Jedi training… At least, he’s not the long-lost son of a canon character [or, even distantly related].

Maybe, I need to go back and reread that draft and make a few edits.  (Or just leave it in a drawer somewhere.)


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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