Spring Has Sprung a Leak

Maybe it’s because baseball season begins this week, maybe its because of the dramatic drop in revenue for Batman v. Superman in its second week, or maybe the weather just hates us.  Much of the northeast is experiencing the onset of winter…again.  Right at a time when we thought we had a chance to see spring.

I know what you’re thinking: “So much for global warming”.  Seriously, I’d like it to be warmer.  A little polar ice cap melting wouldn’t hurt anyone (…except maybe coastlines that are below sea level…)

The weather has become as unpredictable as ever.  At least in Michigan.  That’s why I always wear layers.  Jeans over shorts.  A sweater over a t-shirt.  Wool socks over ankle-biters.  I keep a dozen jackets on standby, just in case the weather decides it wants to rain or snow or both in the same day.  The sun may come out tomorrow or it might disappear until next week.

I just know that, same as last year, it’ll be a cold home opener for the Tigers on Friday.  Come on, weather, just because Spring Training ended doesn’t mean spring had to.

Just because we don’t understand the weather, doesn’t mean it won’t mess with us.      (From the Federalist Papers)

The weather is a fickle mistress that won’t be appeased by shiny things.  She’s a woman scorned, delighting in our misfortune and despair.  She only wants to wreak havoc in our daily lives and torment us with glimpses of better days ahead.

But, at least with the revival of cold weather, I have that many more days to consider discovering the beach body I discarded with the box of donuts I hid behind the bags of chips in the cupboard.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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