The Walking Dead Shambles Forward

There’s a lot to write about.  A lot I could write about, but I think today, I’ll stick to something safe: The Walking Dead.  *Warning, some spoilers ahead.*

Everyone here see last night’s show?

Okay, so yesterday’s episode was actually pretty good.  In case you missed it, no one we cared about died.  Which is always a sigh of relief.

We learned more about Maggie and Glenn…well, their pregnancy.  Which led to a hilariously awkward conversation about pancakes between Glenn and Abraham.  And, personally, I’m worried we’ll have a dead baby/Alien moment where a miscarriage rips itself out of Maggie’s belly.  Which is probably too politically incorrect for TV, but gruesome enough for the setting.  And would scar everyone everywhere for life…and beyond.

I really liked seeing Hilltop.  Not that I trust any of those characters.  Even if they don’t have ammo.  I did like that Rick and the gang didn’t trade munition for food.  Helping to arm an outside group just doesn’t seem like a good idea in that world.  (It rarely ends well in ours.)

We saw a few people wearing red shirts in the episode and none of them died.  Why even wear a red shirt on TV?  We all know what it means.  Sure, they might have been safe yesterday, but that doesn’t mean their shirt choice wasn’t foreshadowing.

Who didn’t enjoy seeing Maggie take a turn at being the leader/spokeswoman for the group and dealing with Gregory?  Who didn’t like watching Michone defend Rick?  Who doesn’t want to see Darryl kill more zombies?

The point is, the show continues to be great, but I fear The Walking Dead (which returns April 10 [Um, The Walking Dead has new episodes now.  (Fear the Walking Dead returns soon. [Oh.])]) is leading us toward a season finale that will shock, horrify, and leave us all in tears.


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