Robin Hood Offended by Link to Politicians

There’s no worse insult than “Career Politician”…according to some people [mostly U.S. citizens tired of government].  Recently, many are making the claim the certain politicians are modern day Robin Hoods, wanting to steal from the rich and give to the poor.

Robin Hood, the original, has taken umbridge with the comparison; however, he couldn’t be reached for comment as he lives in a forest without cell towers [or electricity].

So, it falls to us to determine just what’s so irksome about the comparison.

First, we look at a few characteristics of the man, the myth, the legend.

  1. Robin Hood lived in a forest with the poor and destitute
  2. Robin Hood took from corrupt, rich folk and gave to the less fortunate
  3. Robin Hood fought against tyranny and for freedom

I think I’m beginning to see the problem.

Let’s look at the characteristics of politicians.

  1. Politicians work in a city filled with the needy and homeless, but ignore them.
  2. Politicians are the corrupt rich folk who steal from others to give to other, corrupt rich folk (even folk-hero Bernie?  say it ain’t so.  [I’ll let you dig for your own facts and form your own opinions.])
  3. Politicians want you to willingly give up your personal freedoms for the sake of government programs that will “fix” things.

Robin Hood lived in a forest to get away from taxes.  He fought against oppression.  He gave up land and title to fight against the political system.  To me, Robin Hood is the antithesis of a politician.  (Who cares about that?  All that matters is that we can use him to bolster support for our candidate.)

I suppose it comes down to who you trust.  A man who fights for the people, who wages war against corruption and tyranny from the outside, and gives to charity or the the man who fights against the people, wages war on purity and freedom from the inside, and gives to those who whine the loudest.

Maybe I’m just biased against government.  Maybe there’s a good reason I’m anarchist party; maybe there’s not.  Of course, politicians did exclude themselves from Obamacare, but there’s no reason to assume they’ll do the same to socialist reforms…

I guess I’m just curious why someone would willingly endorse any bureaucracy, taxes, or legislation and regulation that limits the freedom of any group.  Feel free to explain it to me in the comments.

Let me know who you’re rooting for and why; just keep it civil.  And remember, I’m voting for a cartoon; your clown might be better or worse, but he/she is no fox.

*This in no way should be construed as an endorsement for Robin Hood for President or the Robin Hood for President political campaign.  Who am I kidding?  I’d vote for him.  Where can I donate?  (Um…he’s British.  The last time Brits ruled America, we kicked them out.)



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2 Responses to Robin Hood Offended by Link to Politicians

  1. This one captures the essence of the political process, and I use the term lightly, we are immersed in. Thanks.

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