Fun With Definitions, Part 1

Today, we take a peek in the dictionary and learn a few new words.  Because word of the day calendars are great, but I don’t have time to look at one word every day.  I’ll be honest, I barely look at my calendar once a week and it hangs from the door of my snack cupboard and I’m in there all the time.


  1. Someone who disagrees with your fraction of the bill
  2. The person you bring in to help solve differences between two or more people


  1. A holographic cathedral


  1. When you often misplace something, e.g. I misseldine my keys
  2. The opposite of seldom, esp. in regard to losing items


  1. A particle shot from your butt
  2. A common complication from getting shot in the butt my a raygun


  1. A puddle of fun
  2. What Elmer Fudd melts into


  1. The city where Emmitt Smith lives
  2. An overabundance of Emmitts in one, tightly enclosed place


  1. A strange growth on the face


  1. A split hedge, esp. the smaller half
  2. A really, really (obnoxiously) straight edge, overly meticulous in its creation and correction


  1. A person who teases with tea
  2. A terrible supervillain based on tea, i.e. The Teaseler


  1. When it’s impossible for you to smell badly, e.g. I didn’t go to the gym today, because I wanted to be wreakless for my date tonight
  2. Unable to cause havok

Now, you know ten new words.  You’re welcome.  And remember to use them wisely because with great vocabulary comes great confusion.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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