NHL All-Star Game Mattered… To One Person

As none of you probably know, yesterday was the NHL All-Star game.  It has been sadly lacking in viewership for years.  In an effort to get more people interested and watching, this year, they played three twenty minute games of three-on-three in a “tournament”.

I didn’t watch it, so I don’t know how it went.

However, I can guess this much: there were a lot of shots, not a lot of second chances [off rebounds, etc.], and the goalies didn’t matter.  Not that the goalies ever really matter in an All-Star game.  They’re really just there to say they played in an All-Star game and stopped 15 out 200 shots.  To be fair, no one plays defense, so why should the goalies?

I would like to see a different approach.  Let’s play a regular 5-on-5, three period game, like in the olden days of last year, but the goalies only play until the first goal scored against them.  Then, the team’s pull the goalie for the remaining time in the period and play 5-on-6 and then 6-on-6.

Every period, a new goalie would start and we’d see who lasts the longest.  Then, we’d truly know who the “all-star” goalie was.  Of course, that’s not really fair to the defensemen or the goalies, but really, people only watch the game to see how ridiculously high scoring it will be.

By all accounts from the players, however, they really liked the extra room on ice during the 3-on-3.

But, sometimes, you get a story that transcends goals.

You might’ve seen the controversy around the fan voting that got John Scott into the game and then the NHL eliciting their power to get him out [due to, theoretically, embarrassment that a fan vote would turn into a joke (is it ever anything else?).

John Scott scored two goals [2 more than he’s ever scored in his career] on his way to winning the fan-voted (and team twitter accounts pulling for him) MVP and captaining the winning team [the Pacific Division].  Not too shabby for a guy the NHL didn’t want to play or even be in the NHL.

Sometimes, people triumph over corporations.

Final Score: John Scott 7 million, NHL 0.


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