The Sound of Silence

Silence has become something we dread.  We plug into out IPods and tune out the world, switch on our TVs and escape, browse the interwebs until out fingers are sliding on their own, but we can’t sit in silence.  It’s abhorrent.

If we aren’t surrounded by noise, we aren’t alive.  How can I know I’m awake if nothing tells me I am.  Where are the distractions from my own thoughts.  Our minds constantly run and forget to rest.  To stop is to die.  Death is silence.

The good thing about silence is that we can always find it.  It’s like your shadow.  Just waiting for you to notice it again [even if you don’t want to ever acknowledge it].

Plus, when we lack silence, we miss out on the joy it can bring.  The giggles from a fart that interrupts tranquility, the awkwardness of sitting with people and not speaking, the jokes that only you imagine within the sanctuary of your mind that you can only hear when you shut everything off.

The world is a funny place, if we know how to listen.  Sure, it’s corrupt, polluted, dangerous, sick, whatever other label you want to give it (cornucopia of dysentery), but it’s also waiting for you to enjoy it.  Don’t miss out because you’re afraid of silence.

Listen, without forming a reply.  Hear and discover what sounds are, where they come from, and when they repeat.  Know thyself (can’t, too scary).

Soak in the silence.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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