What Life’s Like As A Writer

I just listened to the preface of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please on audible where she discusses what writing a book is like.  She pretty much nails it.

My writing process is a lot like grabbing hold of a unicorn and rocketing to the moon on the stream of rainbows it farts out.  Other days [read: most of the time], I’m wandering through narrow hallways that wind and twist without pattern or reason.  It’s like punching myself in the face a thousand times.  With a keyboard.  It’s staring at a bright, white monitor until an idea rams itself into my brain so hard, my fingers ache and I forget that my eyes are drier than California.  Usually, it feels likes squeezing the last remnants out of a toothpaste tube.  It’s, well, it’s hard.

Mostly, because I hate editing.  [But, I still do it.]  And, I often feel like ideas are easy to have, but writing them coherently…not so much.  Ever try telling someone that dream you had last night?

Writing is fun.  It’s the act of creating, the exploration of new worlds.  Editing is tedious.  It’s the wrestling with bears moment.  It’s the kill your darlings moment.  It’s the terrible process of writing, again, something you’ve already written.

For me, I like to write and move on.  Whether what I wrote was the most amazing thing since that last amazing thing we’ve already forgotten or it was the most terrible thing since Jar Jar Binks the first cannonball shot through a castle wall.  I like to put it in a drawer and never look at it again.  That’s how I can sleep at night.

Editing, however, keeps me awake, obsessing over ever minor character, minute detail, and individual word choice.  It’s the nightmare machine.  The drive killer, the obstacle to success, the mountain and the molehill.  It is, to put it mildly, my least favorite part of the “whole process”.

If you’re willing to wade into the shallow end of the pool and try your hand, be my guest.  However, there might be piranhas.  Or sharks.  Or dolphins.  I don’t know, it’s your pool.  Sure, every writer is connected through our desire to create (and the publishing industry), but, to me, we’re all outlets along the same river.  Some of us have an easy path downstream, but most of us need to crash through barriers and hack through the jungle to find the stream, the trickle that leads to the mighty Mississippi.

Or, maybe, I’m wrong.

But, to me, writing’s easy.  I just hire talented characters and get out of their way.  Editing’s hard, none of the characters I hired want to do it.  [Somewhere, somebody’s diagnosing my problems…hopefully, they can prescribe something to help (there is no help).]


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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