An Introvert’s “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve”

As everyone knows “Live Tweeting” was so 2015.  However, as I take a moment to look back on all the good and bad that happened in the past year, I almost regret not live tweeting ringing in the New Year.  Almost.  I would’ve had to stop halfway through the night.

I’ll give a rundown of the highlights:

  1. Guests arrive.  …Damn it.
  2. Interacting with people.  Low point.  Small talk.  Lower point.
  3. Discussing latest Star Wars, things are looking up for me.
  4. Dinner is served.  It’s food.  I eat it.
  5. Cookie Crisp for dessert.  And mint chip brownies.
  6. Carmelized pears = gift from Greek gods #ambrosia
  7. Playing Bezzerwizzer.  Missing 1 blue tile.  eh, 3 teams of 3
  8. How does know one know what pantera leo is?
  9. Lion. Duh.
  10. Largest dolphin? Seriously, no one.  #FreeWilly
  11. I’m totally stealing the next animal category without waiting for the question ty RangerRick
  12. It’s only 10:30?
  13. Seriously, only 10:35?
  14. Cards Against Humanity…I’ll need to go to confession tomorrow
  15. Midnight.  Finally!
  16. 12:01…why are people still here?
  17. Resuming Cards Against Humanity
  18. My cards suck…game fizzles
  19. People leave.  Yes!
  20. Now we’re playing telephone Pictionary.  It’s funner than it sounds…
  21. Yes, I know how it sounds.
  22. My Triceratops drawing became a Stegosaurus.  Animals identification is hard.
  23. Playing Quidditch = Harry Potter in Space J.K., please get on that asap. thanks
  24. High pitched shriek singing makes life better???
  25. My brother is getting macked on my all the ladies #bowtie
    (Do people still say “macked”)
  26. I’m still not convinced bowties are cool
  27. It’s 3 in the AM, I’m getting too old for this stuff
  28. 3:30, people are still here.
  29. Getting crouchy
  30. Introvert host needs some alone time
  31. Clean-up aisle everywhere
  32. Plates stacked in sink, perishables in refrigerator, me in bed
  33. Guests still here.  Meh.
  34. I lived in a frat, I can sleep through loud, unwanted noises
    (in layman’s terms: drunk people)
  35. I lied.
  36. 4 AM, guests still here
  37. Oh, they left
  38. House quiet.  Me thankful.
  39. Brother thinks the Christmas tree is crooked.  Straightens it.
  40. Ornament falls to the ground.  Doesn’t break.  #SaturnaliaMiracle
  41. Lights off, doors locked, brother sitting in kitchen eating gluten-free crackers.  WTF?
  42. F-it, I’m out.
  43. If I wake up before Saturday, it’s too soon.  Turn me over and stick me back in bed.

Sorry to everyone who was there, who wasn’t there, and who just suffered through that reading list.  Next year, I’m just going to have a movie marathon and if you talk during it you go (to the special Hell) home.

The only question is which movies to watch?  The Lord of the Rings (regular or extended edition?), Harry Potter, or the Marvel movies?  I’d say Star Wars, but only if I had the unedited versions.

[If you’re a first time reader {or don’t understand my sense of humor (no one does)}, don’t worry, I don’t actually care how long people stayed at my house…as long as they were okay with me going to sleep while they were still over.  Also, I was pretty certain they wouldn’t steal anything while I slept.  Plus, my brother was, obviously, still awake.]


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to An Introvert’s “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve”

  1. Leeta Dore says:

    This is hilarious, especially being there for part of it and hearing about the other parts of it. Also: 7. Thanks for reminding me about the blue tile. Or maybe not…that means I have to do something. 8/9. I knew Leo is lion, since I am a Leo, but the pantera part was tripping me up. It was between the two and I chose poorly by assuming Tony knew what he was talking about. 10. Killer whales eat penguins and dolphins don’t. Not to mention killer WHALE. 16.Totally should have stayed. Once getting to my car I realized it was only 20 minutes to New Year and I ended up calling in sick to work anyway (and everyone assumes it was due to partying. I didn’t even have one full drink.) 19. That person shows up to my house instead. *sigh*. 23. Yes! 24. No! 25.Sometimes. Had never heard the phrase until I lived in Connecticut but they do still use it there. 26. Depends on the person in it. 27.The invite did say 2pm end time…41. Special brownies to give him the munchies too? I heard he was in finer form than some have seen before.

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