Star Wars in Review [Mostly Spoiler Free]

Hopefully, by now, you’ve seen the new Star Wars movie.  Over the weekend, like nearly everyone, I saw The Force Awakens.  Unlike most everyone else, however, I only saw it once.  Fortunately, despite my lack of multiple viewings, the latest in the Star Wars saga has shattered box office records.

There are, of course, mixed feelings about the movie.  Ranging from “Awesome, best movie ever” to “I liked it”.  My brother, however, didn’t like it [we’re twins, but haven’t conclusively proven who’s the evil one].  Before you start spewing hatred his way, remember, “Hate leads to the dark side”…make sure you’re okay with that first and always, always consult your Jedi Master before delving into matters aligned with the dark [ignore the whispers and enticements (cookies?)].  Of course, if your favorite character is Darth Maul, you probably aren’t concerned with falling to the dark side, you embrace it.

His reasons are simple (slight spoilers ahead):

  1. It was too much like the original trilogy smashed into one movie.
  2. Therefore he’d seen it all before and knew what would happen, so there weren’t any surprises
  3. I probably didn’t help by nerding out out over every reference, appearance of old favorites, and subtle [and not so subtle] nods to the originals
  4. It took “bigger is always better” to its ridiculous extreme

There are a lot of people who loathe the prequels.  Many consider The Empire Strikes Back to be the best movie in the franchise.  Now, my favorite Star Wars movie is Return of the Jedi.  But that’s because of the A-Wings (not the slave Leia costume?).  A case could be made for The Force Awakens (because of Daisy Ridley? [if I say no, you’ll think I’m lying, if I say yes, you’ll think me shallow {it’s one or the other [I’ll let you pick]}]) but I think I’m waiting to see how the rest of the new trilogy comes together [and if there are A-Wings in it].

We did see some cool things though.  For example, Luke and Leia’s kid, Han and Leia’s kid, and Lando and Leia’s kid.  Unconfirmed of course, but think about it, there’s only one woman and one black guy in the universe.  You do the math.  I almost forgot about C-3PO and R2-D2’s kid.

We also saw my favorite ship, the Millennium Falcon.  It’s more than a starfighter, less than a base of operations.  Han sums up the ship when he says, “Chewie, we’re home”.

I just wished we’d seen a few things.

  1. Chewbacca’s kid, Wedge’s kid, and Bobba Fett’s kid [not the Fett man himself, though, he’s dead (um, they did revive Maul […and look how well that turned out…])]…maybe the Emperor’s kid, but definitely not Jar-Jar’s…though Jabba’s could’ve been interesting.
  2. A-Wings…and, really, some more advanced/newer models of starfighters [not that X-Wings aren’t cool]; as long as they aren’t the weird looking ones from the Legacy Era…maybe E-Wings.
  3. Capital ship battles, eh, never mind those aren’t super interesting…but capital ships in general might’ve been nice to see.
  4. Green lightsabers…I may be biased, but they’re my favorite and the only ones to defeat a Sith minus when Anakin wields two blue ones against Dooku.

I’ll admit, I’d see The Force Awakens again.  Who wouldn’t?  Pretty sure even my brother would.  After all, it’s Star Wars.  From the opening scroll and the first note from John Williams’s score that widens your eyes and causes a grin to stretch across your face to the first snap-hiss of a lightsaber to a dogfight and tight escapes, all the way through until the final credits roll, we can return to a galaxy far, far away and reunite, once more, with friends we left behind.  Though older, wiser, and slightly more damaged.

Personally, though, now that we’ve seen our old friends, I’m more interested to learn about our new ones and see them grow.  They can hold the franchise on their shoulders.  And, maybe, once their sixty, we can enjoy another trilogy when they pass the torch to the next generation of heroes and villains operating within this space opera.

tl;dr The Force Awakens was awesome!  If you didn’t see it, go see it.  If you did, go see it again.  Enjoy responsibly, i.e. don’t harass someone simply because they didn’t enjoy it as much as you did (unless the Emperor makes you do it).

Honestly, I don’t want to see the original trilogy rehashed.


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