American Politics: Working Like a Fast Food Junkie at the Gym

It’s not even 2016 and I’m already tired of politics.  Mostly, it’s the phone calls asking for money and support.  Um, politicians have taken enough of my money, the fact that they can ask for more is one of the things wrong with American politics.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things wrong with politics.  At this point, I think my best bet is to win the lottery and move to my own private island.

There’s plenty I don’t understand about America today.

  1. People think it’s “cool” or “okay” to desecrate the flag, but still want to live here and get the benefits of living in America (like the freedom to burn the flag {…um, it touched the ground?})
  2. Pretending our past never happened.  Fine, don’t let people fly Confederate flags (unless they want to leave the Union); but don’t take the flags out of places where they have historical context, like forts or battle sites.
  3. Not knowing our own history
  4. The executive branch writes laws, the judicial branch writes laws, the legislative branch doesn’t write laws (that’s not how I learned how government worked in high school [but, that was 100 years ago, things might be different today] {also, special interest groups and lobbyist write laws})…in the spirit of full disclosure, it’s probably a secretary or intern who actually writes the law
  5. No one reads the Constitution anymore (have you tried? it’s super long winded and used old-timey language)
  6. Pro-choice folk are for abortion but against the death penalty
  7. Pro-life folk are against abortion but for the death penalty
  8. We can use sex to sell anything and everything but we can’t exploit people [Please don’t construe this to mean that I’m for the exploitation of anyone]
  9. I don’t know which bathroom to use anymore (the one with the shortest line {the one with the couches?}) so I just hold it until I get home…or explode
  10. Democrats and Republicans say opposite things on principle (it’s a sweet potato, it’s a yam. The sky is blue, the sky is gray.  The grass is green, the grass is yellowish-blue.)

Can’t we just go back to the Wild West (minus the exploitation of Native Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans…probably missed a few).  Open carry was legal, so robbers would know which places to rob; plus, who doesn’t want to carry a revolver on their hip?  (Liberals?  Um, most people?  Um, why would you? [Han Solo does.  Malcolm Reynolds does.  {Dr. Who doesn’t.  Obi-wan Kenobi doesn’t.  Robin Hood doesn’t.}])  I could still live in America, yet there was a place where government overreach was lessen (seriously, Manifest Destiny didn’t help America span the continent, people just wanted to get away from politicians).  I could shoot varmints that skittered across my land without someone complaining (old folks still do that with hoses).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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