The Big Bang Theory Whimper

Don’t get me wrong, I really love The Big Bag Theory; however, I think they made a mistake.

Last week, before the show aired on Thursday, it was announced that Sheldon and Amy would get back together (well, actually, hook-up, not the same thing).  And that just took any emotional weight the end of Thursday’s episode had.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead*

At the end of Thursday’s TBBT, Sheldon told Amy he just wanted to be friends, but we already know that on December 17, they are back together.  So, even though we see Amy crying, there is no emotion invested into us, the viewers, because we know there’s a happy ending soon.  All the tension has been released.

It just seems odd, to me, in a world where Glenn’s fate [on The Walking Dead] can remain a mystery for weeks and many shows and movies keep plots tightly guarded secrets that one of the most popular shows on TV would let the wind out of its sails.

To be fair, though, the news did get a crap ton of press.


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4 Responses to The Big Bang Theory Whimper

  1. I hadn’t heard that yet, actually. And I’m a spoiler-hunter. I’ve been slacking. I’ve been a BBT fan since the beginning — but this season seems to be lacking a bit. Have you liked this season so far? The old seasons seem a lot funnier, but I might just be crazy lol

    • bkreuch says:

      I like this season, but there are some parts that seem strained or not quite as funny as they could be. But, overall, I am enjoying it; I mean, it is The Big Bang Theory after all.

  2. lksterne says:

    I keep hoping they’re playing on words somehow, to throw us off. Not because I don’t want this to eventually happen, but because I want them to do this Just. Right.

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