A World Without Cats

Listen (look?), I like cats as much as the next guy…as long as the next guy has ambiguous cat allergies, and thinks they’re delicious (insert racially insensitive Asian joke).  Cats are great, they hunt mice, they keep my house free of rodents, they don’t bother you unless you forget to feed them or attempt to move [your domicile, not your person].

I’m just playing with a little world-building.  Of course, if we didn’t have cats, would the internet exist?  Isn’t it’s sole purpose to supply us with an endless amount of cat-based entertainment?  Without the internet, who will watch my cat* stuff itself into a vase?

*Point of note, I don’t actually own a cat.

But, in a world where dinosaurs eat cats, how many cats would there theoretically be?  They’d be like the Jedi in A New Hope: one really old, tabby who hides in a swampy forest and one not quite as old shorthair that dislikes people.

Maybe instead of Grumpy Cat, we’d have Grumpy Velociraptor.  That’d be pretty sweet…er…gory.  You’d totally tune in.  Me too.

(If Grumpy Velociraptor were a thing, would the internet get invented before he killed the inventor?  If not, it’s just Jurassic Park. {And everyone is totally okay with that.})


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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