Zombies: When to Chase and When to Run

Playing Zombicide really shows you who your true friends are.  Yes, it may be easy to hobble someone or smash yourself in the face enough times with a frying pan to return as an undead minion intent on one thing: brains.  However, [I assume] the vast majority of people just want to survive.

Then there’s me.

Dual-wielding machetes and rushing into the encroaching horde.  All. Day. Long.  (All night, too.)  It might be the pre-Halloween candy sale sugar rush, it might be the unadulterated pleasure of killing zombies, or perhaps its a nihilistic attempt to hasten the inevitable.

Death comes for us all (sometimes it’s a runner, sometimes, it’s a fatty; usually, though, it’s an abomination).  I prefer to meet it with a grin…and a slice into its gnashing teeth.

Whether quick or slow, as long as I take more of them than 1, I did my job.

Of course, some people prefer a slow, cautious living.  Eking out an existence on the fringe of danger, scavenging where there are no walkers nearby, and letting their friends rush headlong into death.

I suppose, it’s my own fault really.  I can’t blame them.  After all, who really would chase after someone so determined to slay zombies they race into a pack without thinking?  A few people, actually.

Also, snipers help.  A lot.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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