Keeping Up With the Boneses, Episode 2: Afterlife with a Camera Crew

The camera crew arrived a little early for Winifred’s taste.  Barely awake, she make the front page of the interwebs thanks to the crew’s faux pas.  (It wasn’t even that great of a fox pass; I’ve seen Disney’s Robin Hood, there are some good ones in it…especially with arrows missing the dashing hero.)

I haven't even put my hair in curlers!

I haven’t even put my hair in curlers!

Wellington attempted to limit the damage.  “The crew opened the blinds at the Bloodworths’.  I’m surprised you didn’t hear Narcissa’s screams.”

Of course, when one sings in the shower–loudly and off-key–it’s hard to hear anything else.

“And Jack across the street, howled as they marched across his lawn.”

Clarissa, however, took a different tactic.  She ushered their daughter into her room and locked the door.  Wellington doubts they had a good cry; but the producer thinks it’d make a better story, so he’ll add a soundtrack later.

Just another normal day at the house of Bones.

It’s not easy living with a camera in your face 24/7.  Winifred didn’t ask to be famous.  She didn’t want paparazzi stalking her.  It’s bad enough that she can’t go outside at night without wondering if Jameson Bloodworth will drop-in while flying overhead [if you’ve seen one bat, you’ve seen them all].

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