Whimsical Magic

Now that’s it’s October, we can discuss magic.  Or maybe we can always discuss it.  After all, does the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ever close?

I think I’d like to see quirky magic.  For example, a magician wants to turn a rosebush into a blueberry bush.  With a snap of his finger he can.

But, what if, magic is complicated, complex, and uncontrollable.  It does what it wants.  So, even if the magician harnesses his will to change the rose into a blueberry something unexpected could happen.

The rose could become a blueberry.  The rose flowers could turn blue.  The rosebuds could open and blueberries drop out.  It could turn into a blueberry bush, but when the blueberries over-ripen, roses explode from them.  The blueberries could be red (so redberries?).  The bush could retain its thorns.

Sure, this makes freezing your sisters underwear a lot more challenging, but the results could be way better than anything you ever imagined.  …Until she lights your hair on fire instead of your pants.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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