Keeping Up With the Boneses, Episode 1: Home Comforts

Sorry, how was I supposed to know writing about autumn would make it happen?

(We interrupt your regularly scheduled, angst-filled {terrible} blog post for new programming: Keeping Up With the Boneses!)

Wellington Bones and his wife, Clarissa, have just moved into the neighborhood.  Everyone was so excited to finally have skeletons on the block.  (FYI: The Boneses hate being compared to the Skellingtons or getting asked if Wellington knows any bad jokes.)  They’re just a regular, upper middle class monster family; just like Vladimir and Narcissa Bloodworth next door or Francis and Elizabeth Steinmann across the street.

Friendly discussion on moving-in.

“Friendly” discussion on move-in day.

Clarissa has started a new diet, the Grape Diet.  She will only eat food make from grapes (fortunately, she admits, that includes wine).  She hopes to lose 5 pounds (…maybe 10).

I still want to lose 5 more pounds...maybe 10.

There really is 1 grape on the plate.

Meanwhile, Wellington attempts to finally get 100% on Batman: Arkham Knight.  He refuses to use walk-throughs…so, he’s way behind the curve sitting at 86.5%.

Still trying to unlock all the riddles.

Still trying to unlock all the riddles.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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