U of M Football Begins Tonight

Today is the first official day of summer.  Well, not according to the calendar, but it is the first preseason football game for U of M.  I know it’s a Thursday, a night game, and against Utah (who had a better record than the Wolverines last year).  It’s also Harbaugh’s first game as head coach.

I’m not going to list ways Jim needs to transform the program.  He’s in a much better position than Brady Hoke was.  The program’s just rebuilding…or something.  You know what the pundits and spinsters spin-masters say.

Look, the boosters did this to themselves.  Everyone knows that.  They wanted different when Carr left.  Losing seasons, that was different.  Sure, Hoke might not have had a chance; he had to use Rich Rod’s players  and shoehorn them into his scheme; but now, now we’ve got our coach and our team is ready.

I hope.

Okay, so as long as we beat MSU [and OSU], it’ll be a good season.  Isn’t that how we gauge success in Ann Arbor?


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