Outwritten by Spellcheck (Embarrassing)

It’s always a shame when spell-check outwits the writer.  Everyone knows the dread of spell-check so I won’t extol its evils or lay them bare on this page (there are plenty elsewhere).  Instead, I choose to unveil a moment when it went above and beyond (probably the first and only time).

I’ll set the scene: The kingdom once famous for dragons was called Sauria.  Spell-check didn’t like it.  In a rare burst of creativity, it wanted to substitute–among other things–Spuria.

From Wiktionary:


From the Latin spuria, the nominative neuter plural form of spurius, whence spurious; compare trivia.



spuria pl ‎(plural only)

  1. Spurious things; especially, a counterfeit or forged written work or one of doubtful attribution.  [quotations ▼]
    • 1790: The Gentleman’s Magazine, volume 67, page 292
      The laſt will and teſtament of Grunnius, a Roman pig, publiſhed among Gruter’s Spuria, betrays not more evident marks of impoſition.



The day has finally come.  Spellcheck outwitted someone (did we just stumble upon the beginnings of artificial intelligence or the demise of the written word?).  Also, the link to the OED doesn’t exist, yet spellcheck thinks it’s a word; therefore, it must be.

The best I could creatively endeavor was to name the spellcaster (wizard, just say wizard), Nilrem.  Not my proudest moment…

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