Marvel’s Unused Heroes Need Movies, Too (…Or Not)

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (old news) left us with a glimpse at what might potentially become the West Coast Avengers.  Clearly, Marvel wants us to consider their movie dominance beyond the final Avengers movie [Infinity War, Part II].

Here are a few heroes left out–so far–that could be capitalized on:

  1. Hisako Ichiki, alias: Armor, affiliation: X-Men
  2. Georgia Dakei, alias: Decay, affiliation: X-Factor
  3. Namor McKenzie, alias: Namor, affiliation: Atlantis
  4. Dibdeb, affiliation: Sneepers
  5. Howard the Duck
  6. Black Patch (included because he’s a pirate)
  7. Agent of 1000 Faces, affiliation: Nazi Germany (plus side, more Howling Commandos)
  8. Greer Grant, alias: Tigra, affiliation: Avengers
  9. Drexxon, affiliation: Skrull Empire
  10. Beta Ray Bill, alias: Simon Walters, affiliation: Omega Flight

Oh, the characters you meet when clicking the “random character” button on the Marvel Database.


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