Cars of the Future

To me, cars are great.  There’s a lot of awesome makes and models out there, but some people fear we may run out of fuel for them.

There’s plenty of potential for new sources of energy.  Whether it’s cars that run on electricity or are propelled by magnets (like a monorail {or a rail gun}), I’m certain someone will innovate.  Electric cars seem to be the new frontier…for the moment [the claim is they are cleaner than fossil fuels (and fossil makes anything using them sound ancient)].  Though their charge isn’t very long, something around 120 miles or so.

Why not install wind turbines to collect energy while driving?  All a car does is create wind.  Yes, a giant windmill on top of your car isn’t very aesthetically pleasing (or aerodynamic), but, as my parents pointed out, a turbine could be installed in a hood scoop and/or look more like a jet engine than a windmill.  Or perhaps, add solar panels to the roof.  Or paint that doubles as solar collectors.

The best case of future cars, though, is hovercars.  The answer is obvious.  No more worrying about road conditions.  Yes, it might decrease the amount of travel time if you can just skim over trees in a straight line from point A to point B, and it’ll be unbelievably cool, but there are already plenty of sweet rides that look cool and can get you from A to B fast.

Everything these days seems to be going toward electric; so, maybe, we’ll get electronic roads at some point, too.  At the very least, I hope we can eliminate one season from our driving, construction.  The other, winter, global warming will solve for us. Eventually.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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