The Ant-Man Cometh

So, Ant-Man comes out this weekend and I’ve seen two reviews for it.  On opposite ends of the spectrum.  One guy loved it and said it was a great date movie, even if your date had never seen a superhero movie or didn’t like movies.  The other said it was mediocre and you could see the differing visions from the two directors [yes, Ant-Man originally had a different director; but you already knew that].  I guess it just goes to show you that people can have differing tastes.

Or, some people just really can’t stand Paul Rudd…and even Marvel can’t change that.

Personally, I don’t have anything against the actor, I’ve never met him.  And, Ant-Man actually looks decent.  I’m not sure it ranks as the third best Marvel movie (according to one reviewer, the order is Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man).  But, of course, I haven’t seen it yet.

Actually, I haven’t read any reviews of it this week, everything I read came out last week (Weird).  I’ve spent most of my online time this week at Comic-Con.  [No, I totally didn’t watch the pirated trailer for Deadpool {…okay, yes I did.  Sorry. (Maybe that was part of Marvel’s master plan.  They can’t release a trailer to TV with so many f-bombs…)}.]

I may not see Ant-Man, but that’s not the end of the world…unless it’s really good and has some sweet Easter eggs.  But, old man Pym and the Elf-chick from The Hobbit…?  Yeah, it’s probably good.

Who am I kidding?  It’ll probably be the best Marvel movie since the last one.  …Unless you didn’t like the last one; then it’ll be the best one since the last one you liked (or saw).  Personally, the one I like the best is the one I saw last.


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