Colors, A First Impression

A few of you might remember a post I made about colors and what they mean.  Now, I return to the land of crayons and markers (and colored pencils) to indulge in the decadence that is …um, color.

If the only thing I knew about a person was their favorite color, what sort of first impression would I have?  I mean, in the land of color, that’s the first thing you’d notice.  People reach into a box of crayons and look for the blue one.  It’s blue: made from blue wax and wrapped in blue paper.  Obviously, blue is its favorite color (I hope).

  • Blue: You’re a boy or like boy things toys [sports, cars, danger]…or it brings out your eyes {also, you probably like donkeys}
  • Pink: You’re a girl, probably a princess and maybe like sparkles or you like girl things toys [dolls, dresses, shopping, cooking, cleaning]
  • Orange: You’re hot, either physically or temperamentally
  • Red: (often thrown in/combined with pink and/or orange) You like romance…too obvious? {you may also like elephants}
  • Green: You like to be outside, you might also be a hippie or it may match your eyes …you may also like leprechauns
  • Yellow: Probably definitely a hippie or you’re happy and carefree or both
  • Purple: You’re royalty or want to be or act like it or you support gay rights
  • Rainbow: You’re either happy-go-lucky and believe unicorns exist (they totally do, btw) or you’re trying to make a political statement
  • White: You’re abstract, pure, or holy …or it’s really hot and you just want to reflect the sunlight
  • Black: You’re depressed, a witch, a goth, or emo…or you think it’s slimming (it might match your hair)
  • Brown: (seriously?)
  • Gray: You’re drab or serious or like rain

There’s no judgement from me based solely on your favorite color.  These are how society tells me to view you (based on your favorite color).

[Oh, and sorry it was a day late; I got distracted playing Batman: Arkham Knight.  Awesome-sauce]


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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