Don’t Forget To Vote for the MLB All-Star Game

Everyone knows the MLB All-Star votes are a lot like presidential election votes, they don’t really matter.  It just makes the fans feel good, like they’re part of something.  Even when the fans abuse the system and stuff the ballot box (not that any politician would ever do that).

The MLB decided to cancel 65 million votes.  Which is totally fine with me, they were mostly for Kansas City Royals.  It is, of course, not a move to discredit any Kansas City votes, but a yearly practice to throw out any votes deemed fraudulent.  It just so happens that this year most of the votes [fraudulent or otherwise] have gone to Kansas City Royals.

Which is a shame.  Yes, they lead their division.  Yes, they have some good players.  However, all of their players are not all-stars.

Voting ends July 2nd.  Take a page out of Kansas City’s book: vote often and let the MLB figure the rest out.  Just don’t vote for any Royals…you know, unless they deserve it.


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One Response to Don’t Forget To Vote for the MLB All-Star Game

  1. Austin says:

    I liked going to Yankee Stadium, getting my All Star ballot from the usher, and then punching out the chads with a key. Sometimes, old school is the best way to go…

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