Another Monday Blog

Today is Monday or as I like to call it, Monday.  Some people call it “blech” or “yuck” and even “argh”.  I, however, prefer the name its mother gave it.

You might be skeptical at my ambivalence toward Mondays (especially if this is the beginning of your last week of school), but, it comes from a deep understanding of Monday.

It’s probably depressed.  It is Monday, after all.  The day no one looks forward to, the end of the weekend, and the beginning of work.

It’s also, probably, a hard worker.  Monday is a go-getter.  It’s the first to arrive for work (not necessarily the last to leave) and it starts projects.  It takes things as they come and knows there’s a reward only a few days away (even if those days are long, tedious, and stressful).

Monday is like your boss.  It wants friends, but knows it can’t have any in the office.  Sure, everyone loves Friday, but no one wants to work with Friday.  Friday is great to hangout with and a lot of fun, but irresponsible at work.  Monday is solid, dependable.  And, even, takes a few days off…albeit not very often.

Monday knows how to have fun and when to buckle down.  Usually, it keeps its nose to the grindstone, but every once in a while, it let’s its hair down.

Mondays can be ho-hum and humdrum or they can be busy and stressful, but one thing they are not is lackadaisical.  Mondays don’t believe in half measures.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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