Jurassic World, Job Opening? Yes, Please!

The other day I saw [another] trailer for Jurassic World.  In this one, Chris Pratt says to a worker, “You must be the new guy.”  Later, we see them behind a fence and Chris Pratt asks, “Ever wonder why there was an opening?”


If there was an opening to work at that theme park, I would.  The chance to work with real, live dinosaurs?  That’s a dream come to true for everyone.  Anyone above the age of 2 loves dinosaurs.  Who wouldn’t want to work with them?

Sure, you might be a pessimist (Ian Malcolm).  You might say, “It’s a big game safari with creatures that are bigger than big.  I’m not stepping foot in that place.”  You might be right.  And, judging by the movies, you’d remain alive.  However, you’d miss the opportunity to see a dinosaur up-close (like, “My what big teeth you have”).

Or, you might be a pragmatist.  It’s a dinosaur park.  A lot of theme parks have dangers and accidents.  This one will too.  Except, the dangers are large, terrifying monsters.

Dinosaurs aren’t terrifying…unless they’re trying to eat you.  We keep plenty of dangerous creatures in theme parks.  Disney has a zoo that’s a hotel.  People safari in Kenya all the time.  I don’t see what the problem is.

Then again, I’m an optimist.  I see the opportunity to work with dinosaurs [not dusting off their bones] and I’d take it.  I’d jump without looking (right into the waiting jaws of a Velociraptor).  Best day ever!


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One Response to Jurassic World, Job Opening? Yes, Please!

  1. ReyShelley says:

    Heck yes! You and me both! I am very excited (and hopeful) for this!

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