May the 4th: Happy Star Wars Day!

I’m not really sure how or why May 4th became the unofficial official Star Wars day, but I’m strangely comfortable with it.  And it’s timing couldn’t be better.  …At least for me.

Well, after the weekend rush to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, I can relax a bit [and so can you, no spoilers here].  I can put my Marvel movie excitement on hold and return to my other excitement.  Star Wars.

I know, Star Wars Episode VII isn’t due out until Christmas [well, 12/18/15] and there are a lot of movies between then and now (including dinosaurs); but come on, this is the biggest, most anticipated one, right?  (Plus, it’s 5/4 today).

If you’ve even had a passing interest, you know that much of the original cast is returning.  Han, Chewie, Luke, and Leia will be back.  I know, I’m probably the only person in the galaxy hoping Boba Fett remains in the sarlacc.

Will we see new Jedi?  We’ve already seen a new lightsaber.  And it’s red, so I’m assuming it belongs to a Sith.

And, we only have to wait until September 4th (What is it with 4ths?) to get new Star Wars merchandise.  Our first glimpse of the film may come in trailers, but soon we’ll be able to feel and touch the universe’s newest inhabitants (or oldest {Yoda’s back?}).

Toys.  That’s what everyone wants.  Star Wars toys to line the mantle, fill closets, occupy shelves, and guard bedrooms.  One to open and one to keep in the box.

May the Force be with you.


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  1. May the Fourth Be With You

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