The Summer 2015 Movie Season Begins…Tomorrow (Officially)

As the whole world [well America…er…the USA {when does it release in Canada, Central America, and South America}] waits with baited breathe for Avengers: Age of Ultron to release tomorrow, some have already seen it today.

I am jealous.

Of course, there are other blockbusters releasing this summer.  Some rebooted franchises, some spinoffs, and a few originals.

  1. Avengers: Age of Ultron–May 1
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road–May 15
  3. Pitch Perfect 2–May 15
  4. Tomorrowland–May 22
  5. Poltergeist–May 22
  6. Jurassic World–June 12
  7. Terminator: Genisys–July 1
  8. Ant-Man–July 17
  9. Pixels–July 24
  10. Fantastic Four–August 7


That’s just ten of the movies unloading on us this summer.  No Autobots versus Decepticons, though.  Still, the craziness will ensue and no one knows which will be the blockbuster to break the bank (Avengers, it’s totally Avengers).  There’s always a few that sneak in and outperform, a few that flop, and a few that just eek by and earn their budget.

All eyes are on The Avengers as they race out of the gates.  Speculation runs wild as analysts, fans, and people on the street wonder just how much the sequel will earn and if it will beat the record set by its predecessor.

Of course, 2015 is only the tip of the blockbuster iceberg (as everyone already knows).  So watch out (wallet), it’s time to dig deep (into the couch cushions) and prepare for the arrival of the summer movie season.


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