Hockey Playoffs: Debacle or Boon?

Hockey just isn’t what it used to be, especially the playoffs.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re still exciting [and nowhere near as bad as the NBA], but the game’s changed.

First, the playoffs are mostly on NBC affiliates (just like the Olympics), which is fine, except that one game is always on NBC Sports, a channel nobody gets.  Though, to be fair, it’s not nearly as bad as when it was Versus or the Outdoor Channel.  But, their announcers are awful…except when Jeremy Roenick was there to make fun of their idiotic commentary.

Second, the playoffs, this season, have degenerated into hug fests.  You can’t make it through a game, even through a period, without some goon stopping play to roll around with his friend to see who can hug the tightest.

Fights just aren’t what they used to be.  Anyone still remember the Colorado Detroit rivalry in the 90s?  Those were fights.  And they were on a reasonable channel (though FSN does have some playoffs games this year and most people with cable/satellite get it).

I guess I’m just nostalgic for a time when hockey was hockey, Canada still respected the US, and no one tried to hug on the ice.

NBA, you’re on your own.  I don’t know if there’s any fixing you.  But, the NHL…there might still be hope…maybe.

So long as the referees call games consistently (doubtful)–including letting some clean hits slide and calling all the dirty ones…not the rinky-dink, ticky-tack ones, the players association hands out stiffer penalties for pointless scrums (unlikely), and players (and fans) realize there’s more to the game then skating up and down the ice like we’re watching tennis with the occasional body check.

Who am I kidding?  The glory days are over.  All we can hope for now, is to learn from the mistakes.  …And, maybe, get NBC to realize Sydney Crosby sucks and so do their announcers…I suppose, however, that’s just a pipe dream.


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