Well, That Was Unexpected

Well, it’s Canadian holy week.  Hockey playoffs started yesterday (not that anyone outside of Canada cares).  I’m not sure there aren’t better things to do than watch almost fights on the ice, but some might disagree.

Perhaps you’re prepping for the Summer Olympic Games.  Or reading up on your favorite potential candidates for the presidential election.  Is it fair that the Summer Olympics are always an election year?  (The Winter Games are also an election year [nobody cares about midterm elections]).

And, if you are wondering who could do a worse job than the guy who brought you free health care and who refused to talk to our most important (debatable) Middle East ally…well, I suppose I can give a short list.

  1. Lex Luthor–unless you like megalomania (narcissism, obsession, and wealth could make a good candidate)
  2. Tony Stark–admittedly, I’d vote for him; however, in the MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe] he does *spoiler alert* create Ultron…how often do AIs turn out bad? Every time. (except Bicentennial Man)
  3. Scar [from the Lion King]–not because he had poor leadership qualities; he allies with the wrong people.  Foreign policy is tough, but hyenas and lions? …Come on.

Of course there’s also a pretty good list of people who would be great.

  1. Superman–ineligible since he wasn’t born on Earth. Clark Kent, however, might be able to fudge a birth certificate and pass for a citizen.
  2. Steve Rogers–who wouldn’t vote for Captain America?
  3. Nala [from the Lion King]–she’s smart, resourceful, and savvy enough to convince Simba to return when he’s needed most.  She’s diplomatic and cunning.

Truth be told, I’d rather watch hockey than the upcoming circus that will be the debates and the primaries…but that’s not what the media will give us.  They’ll just give us the unbiased truth [unless we only watch one station].  Until then, though, I’ll enjoy hockey…even if it’s on NBC and without Jeremy Roenick.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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