America’s Pastime Returns

So here we are, not quite a week into the baseball season, and it’s already rainy and overcast [at least here in MI].  I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising, it is April.  However, it does dampen the elation of Opening Week.

Not that much can dampen the fervor, the excitement, and the anticipation leading up to the first game of the season…outside of Spring Training.

That first home game.  The first win.  A magical time when heroes begin their journey (though some say heroes are born in October).

Yes, baseball is a long, 152 game season.  Yes, sometimes 9 innings seem to take forever.  And, yes, even the most consistent of players can have an off-day.  But, in the first week of the season, everything is still fresh, wonderful, and awe-inspiring.

Until it isn’t.

The cold weather, rain-outs, and delays will come.  They will try to steal the magic.  They’re just jealous.  So many things fight for our attention these days, perhaps relaxing and enjoying one thing for a few hours (that isn’t a video game) is exactly why baseball is and continues to be [imo] America’s pastime.

Or, it could be tradition and we’re too lazy to name something else.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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