Living an Adventure

Have you ever tried something scary (like frog’s legs)?  Since I only write about adventures, I prefer to sit at home.  Also, pajamas aren’t very good adventuring attire.

They are, however, excellent writing attire.  Most people wake up, get dressed, possibly have breakfast [it’s surprising how many people skip it], and go to work.  When I write, I do those, too; I just skip the get dressed.

What can I say, pjs are more comfortable…though jeans and a t-shirt aren’t exactly constricting (unless you were super tight ones because you’re going clubbing).

There are still scary things to encounter at home, though (like smelly slippers and holes in your favorite shirts).

Sure, adventures like you see in the movies are hard to find.  Aliens aren’t attacking the planet (overtly), I don’t own a powered exoskeleton [to my everlasting regret], and dinosaurs aren’t living on a island–theme park or otherwise–whether as survivors of the extinction event or science experiments (that we know of).  The world is just so dull.

I suppose, that’s why there are movies, television shows, books, books on tape (we should change the name to “books on MP3” now), and theme parks.  Otherwise, people might grow bored and search out new and exciting avenues of adventure (like the zoo?).

I’m certain there are adventures waiting to be found…somewhere.  We just have to know where to look.  But, if it involves getting dressed, I’m out.  I’m too comfortable to fight [seriously, how many superheroes fight in their pajamas?], run, explore (plus who wants to get their cartoon t-shirts dirty?), or venture too far from home…except to get away from smelly slippers.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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