Faint Glimmers

There’s nothing better than spring
Faeries dancing on the wind
Finding gifts for their king
Hoping he won’t rescind

Winter has other plans
Leeching life across the land
Hardly winning any fans
Blackening betrayers’ hands

“Fight on! Fight on!” the warriors cry
The sun drifts upward as it will
Even as clouds haze the sky
The heat cannot banish the chill

Trees barren as the desert
Parched of warmth
As a last resort
Stretch toward the hearth

Above the clouds the sun frowns
As it looms far from the ground
Too little, too late
This will not be left to fate

Winter threatens and growls
Sunlight dances and beckons
Arctic wind freezes and howls
“It’s time,” the sun reckons.

Hunkered in their little caves
Building fires and hibernating
Hoping to outlast snow’s raves
Without much masticating

We sit and watch the prolonged battle
Like sheep, pigs, or cattle
Without hope to intervene
Hardly even seen

Yet, still we try to restrain
The hope new springs contain
Lest we determine
Winter crushes us like vermin.

“How long can it last?”
The weak lament
“Its time is passed.”
The brave pitch a tent.

“To war and battle,
Sharpen spear!”
Listen to the wood rattle
“Winter fear!”

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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