Wearing a Red Shirt, a.k.a. Time to Fall on My Sword

I’ve figured out why so many retailers use red shirts as their uniform.  Sure, it might be the companies’ colors.  I think it’s more psychological than that.

(Red makes bulls charge.)  Red is a color represented often in Star Trek.  Clearly, retailers are attempting to capitalize on the franchise’s fame.  Unfortunately, though they want to channel Captain Picard and the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, they end up channeling Captain Kirk and the cast of Star Trek.

There is nothing wrong with the Original Series.  In fact there are whole chatrooms devoted to the debate of which captain is the best [Archer, Janeway, Kirk, Picard, or Sisko {note: they’re in alphabetical order}].

We’ve even implemented a policy of the department supervisors and managers wearing red while the associates wear blue (so, um, they’re science officers?  …What do they science?  Toy knowledge?).

However, Picard’s Enterprise we are not.  Sadly.  [I’m still waiting expectantly for transporters.  (A last minute transport to work?  Yes, please.)]

Red shirts, as everyone knows, are cannon fodder in TOS.  The only reason anyone wearing a red shirt goes on the away mission is to die and show how serious the situation truly is.

Well, at least I get to be a part of Star Trek lore.  And that is all that really matters.  Well, that and dying in a manner that is satisfactory, like saving the captain’s life or something…  If I just get randomly shot, well, that’s not as cool [even if it has a purpose for the story].


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Wearing a Red Shirt, a.k.a. Time to Fall on My Sword

  1. bkreuch says:

    It’s really too bad. I used to like the color red. Star Trek has ruined it for me.

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