Valentine’s Day Reminder…You’re Welcome

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (duh).  As everyone scrambles to find a date, the perfect card or gift, and restaurant reservations, many places are offering discounts, sales, and promotions.  For example, the Burger King near my house is offering free dessert with every meal…or every two, honestly, I only read the sign in passing.  However, it made me wonder: Who takes their date to Burger King? On Valentine’s Day?  (You’d prefer McDonald’s?)

Now, there’s nothing wrong with an inexpensive date.  But, Burger King seems a bit of an extreme.  Though, a free cookie is hard to pass up.  As this fat kid knows only too well [Oreo addiction is a serious thing].

Though, I can just imagine how that conversation would go with your significant other.  …Not well.

There’s enough things to fight about, Valentine’s Day is the one day you’re not supposed to fight (unless you believe sitcoms).  So, I hope you’ve got your reservations made [not at a fast food place…unless you first met there or it has some special meaning] and you show the one you love how much you love them…not necessarily in dollar amounts [we get too caught up in how much a gift is worth, we forget that its worth comes from what it represents].


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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