Super Bowl Super Quick

So, I assume that you, like everyone else, watched the Super Bowl last night (for the commercials).  And the Pepsi halftime show (for the commercials) with Katy Perry (for the boobs commercials).

If so, you might have noticed why Katy Perry would make the best girlfriend ever?  She can change outfits in seconds!  You’d never be late or even be running late.  …At least not because of her.  Now, if you’re the slow one, you don’t have an excuse.

And how could you not be?  I mean, who else can compete with an outfit change in a matter of mere minutes?  Clark Kent?

Well, I guess we all need someone to aspire to.  Though I’m still waiting for my New Year’s resolution to pull through [it might be near cardiac arrest], trying to change clothes as fast as Superman could be a good goal.  I just need to find a phone booth.  Those still exist, right?

Of course, I hope you watched the game, too.  It was a nail biter, the running, the screaming, the dying…wait, that was the Jurassic World trailer.  I’m sure the game had high points, too [even without dinosaurs].  An interception or two, possibly a fight.  Just as long as no one in New England riots we’ll be fine.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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