Luigi: The Littlest Brother of All

Did/do you ever play Luigi?  Does anyone?  (Sure, little brothers.)  In Mario Kart, he’s often underused.  In Smash Bros., even if you’re in love with the color green, you play Link.  Luigi is the character Nintendo forgot.

There’s nothing wrong with Luigi.  He just isn’t the main character.  In a games titled “Mario Brothers”, everyone wants to play Mario (are we supposed to believe they’re named Mario Mario and Luigi Mario?).

Nintendo has tried to remedy the lack of Luigi fans earlier with the release of “Luigi’s Mansion” and “Luigi U”; but for many diehard fans (and fans just passing fair), Luigi remains Mario’s little brother.

Take for example, their Amiibo figures.  Mario gets a cool, heroic pose and a fireball.

Luigi gets a seal pose.

But, now, Nintendo is giving a new pose to Luigi (and Mario [and Bowser]) for the Super Mario series.

Is Mario better than Luigi?  Little brothers everywhere know that isn’t so.

The rest of us, however, remain skeptical.  I mean, who really believes anything their little brother tells them?

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