Holiday Hunger Games (for Ornaments)

We’ve all seen the new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (haven’t we?).  That’s old news (like riots when the Buckeyes win).  But, have we all taken our Christmas lights down?

I mean, really, the 12 days of Christmas only recently ended.  Plus, it’s frickin’ cold outside.  Like minus zero with the windchill.  No way am I going out there unless I have to.  [Sorry, pen pal, the mail’s going to have to wait.]

I have found, however, that my bother and I have different perspectives when it comes to removing the lights and decorations.  He tends to put them in the specific box and the specific way.  So they all fit.  I tend to just put them in the box whichever way they fit.  The remainder are left behind.  It’s like the Hunger Games for ornaments (how can you tell which is Katniss? {the surly, antisocial one?  the one with the bow?}).

Obviously, I’m not talking about heirloom, unique, or favorite ornaments.  But the boxes of 70 gold bulbs or 35 blue ones.  Really?  If I lose one, is that such a problem?  [By lose, I mean crush.  This is after all the Hunger Games.]  Are we really going to notice 2 less next year?  I might even be thankful.  I might not even see 2 are still on the tree until I try to take the tree apart and they fall to the floor [but don’t break; only the ones I like break (like favorite characters)].

But, sensibility won.  My brother found a way to sort all the ornaments into their specific boxes and we didn’t lose a single one…I’m pretty sure.  I guess there’s always next year (maybe the odds will ever be in his favor?).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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