Friends Make the World Go Round

Something I wrote last week has been blown way out of proportion.  I wrote, “It’s the friends you need not the friends you want”.  Which many people might notice is a riff on The Dark Knight quote, “The hero we need, not the hero we deserve”.

It brings to mind a lot of questions.

  1. Who are the friends I want?  Easy.  Celebrities. Good-looking, wealthy people.  Funny folk.  Maybe a genie (it worked for Aladdin)…
  2. Who are the friends I deserve?  Hermits.  Crabs.  Gargoyles.  (Consider joining Slytherin House)  Loners.
  3. Who are the friends I need?  Everyone else.

Why?  We aren’t given more than we can bear…or so the saying goes.  I find that we aren’t more than our friends can bear.  I mean, who puts up with your drunk dials texts, your insane dating drama, your antics, your rants, your complaints, your terrible-worse than Laffy Taffy wrapper-jokes, etc.?

What do we do to deserve our friends?  (We blog about them?)  Is there anything we can do?  Even if we don’t have any, people still try to force their way in.  Why?  Because they know that no one is an island.

Except me.  I like my beaches without footprints, my jungles without machete marred branches, and my hammock wherever I want to hang it.  Isn’t that what the world’s about?  Well, my world is.

[The rest of the post was blown completely in proportion.]

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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