The Librarians, My Newest Favorite TV Show (about artifact hunters)

There is a reason to stay in school and become really smart.  You could one day become The Librarian.  And, you might even get the chance to save the world (who wants that? [um, everyone? (not if there are ninjas [maybe not every week {just stay out of Oklahoma}])]).

TNT debuted the new series last night.  It was filled with all the charm of the original three Librarian movies.  It had mystery, suspense, action, and betrayal.  It had a similar artifact hunt premise like Warehouse 13, except the Warehouse disappears midway through the premiere.  It definitely has a Relic Hunter vibe, too (which also featured Lindy Booth).  Mostly, however, it’s own brand of Indiana Jones and it works.

The cast is likable, even if the show did kill off my favorite character, Cal (well, they were only following the rules).

With magic entering the world again, there’s only one person who can stop it from falling into the wrong hands.  Unfortunately, Noah Wyle is busy on Falling Skies Flynn Carsen needs to find the Library, so his team of applicants the Library rejected before choosing him are assigned the task.


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3 Responses to The Librarians, My Newest Favorite TV Show (about artifact hunters)

  1. flygirl140 says:

    I have been nerding out about this show for the past week!

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