I Forgot the Rules

The zombie apocalypse sucks.  There, I said it (Feel better?  [Not really]).  Last night on The Walking Dead, we lost another of my favorite characters [don’t worry, if you didn’t see it, I won’t spoil it for you].  I forgot the most important rule of fiction…at least for me.

Don’t have favorite characters.

You might’ve thought I’d have learned my lesson by now.  And, I really thought I had.  I had tried to wall myself off from liking characters after the death of a beloved character, who was my favorite, in season 2 [I should’ve been prepared when it happened again in season 4].

I was doing a good job.  Not really caring for too many of the characters after that.  Especially because you knew, ultimately, someone else was going to meet a grisly end.  But all my calluses did nothing to prepare me for last night.

Not reading Harry Potter, where most of my favorites die throughout the series (especially in the last book).  Or reading The Hunger Games, where everything just sort of fades into blah.  Or even The Game of Thrones, where you root for characters to die (and you’re fairly certain the ending will just be a snow covered battlefield with no one left alive…well maybe a white walker {do they count as alive?}).

Thankfully, Robert Jordan and I have an understanding, and he only killed off a small number of the characters I considered “my favorite”.

But Kirkman (just because his name is also Robert, doesn’t mean he has the same philosophy on writing)?  Just when I think it’s safe to maybe start having feelings for a character, he pulls the rug out.  Well, I’ve learned my lesson.  Much like Rick Grimes.  There’s no room for favorites in a zombie apocalypse.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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