New JP 4 Info

In case you didn’t know, Jurassic Park is getting [another] sequel.  No really.  It’s probably happening.  There’s even rumors the dinosaurs won’t have laser beams on their heads.

So, Jurassic World (also known as JP 4) is going to have genetically engineered dinosaurs.  (Yawn. Old news.)  But, this time one is modified.  What’s even more exciting?  This news is brought to us by LEGO.

That’s right, folks, LEGO dinosaurs.  Again.   And not the LEGO stylized dinosaurs with safari treasure hunting figures.  No, Jurassic Park LEGOs!  What’s more exciting than that?  (Marvel’s Phase 3, Batman-Superman filming in Detroit, the final Hobbit…?)

And, there might even be a trailer around Thanksgiving.  For Jurassic World, not the LEGOs; but I wouldn’t mind either, honestly.  Plus, Steven Spielberg is attached as a producer, so you know it’s going to be at least as good as, um, Terra Nova (or Falling Skies and Under the Dome).  Additionally, Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Chris Pratt is cast in it (Who? [Starlord… {Sorry, mate, couldn’t resist}]).

Wait, if Peter Quill dies in Jurassic World, does that mean he won’t be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2…or will he just bring a dinosaur into space?  (Dino-Riders, anyone? [just me?  okay then.])


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