Trouble with the Transylvanian authorities?  Just call Draculawyer.  Sure, his fee might take a bite out of your wallet (wow); but he’s a shark, out for blood.

Whether you innocently tried to nibble your amor or sped through a stoplight enroute to your castle estate getaway [maybe running from an angry mob]; don’t throw in the towel, lawyer up.

There’s no better advocate in Transylvania for the mystic, strange, paranormal, or mundane.  Your Draculawyer can handle any case.

He once defended a man suspected of biting someone and successfully invented the “no teeth” defense.  How can you bite someone without teeth?  There’s just no arguing with Draculawyer’s facts.

He’ll mesmerize the jury.  Dazzle the prosecution.  He’ll even charm you.  Don’t fret, call today: 1-800-555-2483.

Disclaimer: Draculawyer is not affiliated with Dracula (or Draculaura) in anyway, so don’t come knocking, VanHelsing.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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