US Government: Lesson 0

In 1776, the Founding Fathers designed the United States of America as a republic.  I’m not sure that it still qualifies.  I do, however, find it amusing that we try to create a free world where democracies hold sway, since I’m not sure we qualify there either.

Are we a republic?  In a republic, the elite elect a few [the Senate] to rule.  We have a president.
Are we a democracy?  The many vote on laws and policies.  We don’t put everything to a majority vote.
Are we an oligarchy? The few ruling the many?  That would have potential, if Congress sat in session for more than three days a year.
Are we a monarchy?  …Well, the president does sign into law many acts without putting it to a vote in Congress (though, the archbishop of Washington, D.C. doesn’t swear him in [unless he does…I’ve never watched a presidential inauguration]); but he doesn’t have crown jewels.

Originally, we were founded as one nation under God; but we’ve gotten away from that, too.  We’ve become secular; perhaps because we fear starting some militaristic, ideological crusade (no offense, Al-Qaeda) or becoming pacifists who surrender at the first sign of a fight (no offense, France).

Of course, not all change is bad.  We once had slaves.  Don’t worry, I’m sure we won’t revert to that; even when we get robots…unless the robots gain control.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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