Old Fashioned Sci-fi

As we all know by now, the buzz on Star Wars is going to end as soon as the buzz on Star Trek or the Avengers [I know what you’re thinking another Star Wars post?].  And, I’m sure every most some fans are glad that George Lucas has taken a backseat role (thank you, Disney!).  However, there are a few things George Lucas could do to get back into the fans’ good graces [or J.J. Abrams could take notes (…right…).

  1. (Obviously) Retcon the existence of Jar Jar Binks.
  2. Don’t bring Darth Maul back.
    Sure, he’s immensely popular, regardless of how small his actual part was [not role in the saga, part in the movie, on-screen time, dialogue lines, etc.]  Plus, his appearance on Star Wars: The Clone Wars seemed superfluous.
  3. Let Boba Fett stay in the sarlaac.
    Again, like Maul, the Fett man’s got a large following for a minor part [again, not role].  And, Lucas does have a track record of pissing off fans (and EU {expanded universe} authors); so, we know what to expect.
  4. Replace Hayden Christensen (end there, please) at the end of Return of the Jedi.
    Really, do force ghosts never age?  Why isn’t Obi-Wan portrayed by Ewan McGregor?  Sure, we all believe, “Jedi revert to their pre-fall form”.  I’m just asking, why he can’t be his redeemed form?
  5. More A-wings.
  6. Having a rule stating only 1 green lightsaber or 2 blue lightsabers will defeat 1 red lightsaber.
    Why else would Obi-Wan use Qui-Gon Jinn’s (symbolic?) to finish Maul and Anakin borrow Obi-Wan’s to end Count Dooku.
  7. Include a scene with a Firefly-class transport.
  8. Have a TARDIS somewhere just on-screen.

I’m certain all of those are largely unpopular (with the exception of removing Jar Jar) with the majority of fans; but who knows, there could be a whole new generation who loves Jar Jar (I rather doubt it), and like seeing the young Anakin.

I guess I just miss the good old days were folk stayed dead and ghosts looked their age.  Call me old fashioned.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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