Walkers Return

The Walking Dead returned yesterday and I’m pretty certain it’s desensitizing me to violence.  Against zombies (that clarification is definitely needed).  Let me just say, how did I make it so long without seeing a zombie’s head explode?

I’m just glad everyone survived one episode.  At the rate the cast gets killed off, I wasn’t sure if any would make it to the end of last season…and the beginning of this season wasn’t looking promising (not that it is all sunshine and unicorns after one episode).

All I can say is, after last season, I’m sure the writers are cooking up dangers around every corner.  No one’s safe.  And, much like real life, you never know what the next scene has in store.

Of course, the zombies, er, walkers [sorry] look great, even when dying or killing.  The only question I have is if we’ll see any familiar faces among the undead.


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