Procrastination, My BFF

Guardians of the Galaxy came out over the weekend; but I haven’t seen it, yet.  So I can’t talk about it.  That doesn’t mean it didn’t do well at the box office [a crushing blow to my ego (these days, what doesn’t crush our egos? [maybe they’re meant to be crushed.])].

So here I sit, trying to decide what to do today.  The necessary comes to mind: Go to work.  The procrastination comes to mind: Play video games.  And the purpose task adventure comes to mind: Write.  So, I’ll probably play video games until it’s time to get ready for work (the standard fare).

I mean, if I could work out a way to see GotG before work, I totally would, don’t get me wrong.  No need to revoke my nerd card just yet.  I’ve hardly put any punches in it.

Procrastination isn’t a bad thing, when used sparingly.  Like sugar, alcohol, or wasabi.  However, sometimes I take it to an art form.  Though some people make a college major out of it.  Others take it to the next level.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m only a dabbler, just scratching the surface of my procrastination skills.  Perhaps I just need more practice.

But if I practice procrastination will it turn into work?  Will it seem like a chore?  Will I no longer enjoy it?  Doubtful.  I have too many video games.  Plus, TV is always entertaining (even more so when it’s turned on and tuned to a channel with shows, not just penguins wrestling polar bears in a blizzard [isn’t snowstorm more common?]).



About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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