A Browncoat’s Trip to the Library

I went to the library the other day.  Some people claim they’re a dying institution (not sure why with the sexy librarian stereotype/meme/thing).  But, I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.  I mean, I haven’t used my library card in a while, so I had to renew it; but that wasn’t nearly as painless as I thought.

Although I did have to talk to an actual person to do it.  I only made a much nervous eye contact as was absolutely necessary with the cute librarian.  I didn’t really talk to her, just gave her the requisite information.  And hoped she memorized my phone number.

I can see why libraries and book stores are fading.  Most people prefer e-books or don’t read.  E-books are more convenient.  You can download them at leisure and read them whenever and wherever.  And, plus side, no need for human contact (much like this blog).  However, nothing compares to holding a book in your hand while tracing a finger across the page and mouthing each word out loud while you labor toward the final period.  Except maybe a book on tape…though nowadays, they’re on CDs (usually I just wait for the movie).

I did check-out one book.  Hey, it was my first time in a while and didn’t want to overdo it.  Frozen Heat by Richard Castle.  Which begs the question: What makes an author real?

Richard Castle, as if you don’t know, is a character played by Malcolm Reynolds, er, Nathan Fillion (Browncoats unite!) on ABC’s Castle.  So, technically, he’s a fictional author; but he has books published under his name, so, technically, he’s a real author, too.  You could make the case that the books are actually written by Richard Castle, aka Mr. Fillion (unlikely, but not impossible [more likely it’s one of the show’s scriptwriters]), and his picture does appear on the back cover.

So, is Richard Castle, a fictional character, and a real author or a fictional character and a fictional author?  [Whatever the verdict, he’s got more books published than me.]


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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